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The OddBall run started it’s life in 2014, the idea was simple, create an event for a bunch of friends to have a whole load of fun and raise some money for a local charity.

That year the event involved a handful of cars with an old 4x4 ambulance, a London black cab, a Lamborghini, a Porsche and some old bangers too. It was a resounding success but took it’s toll on the organizers who realized the work involved in staging such an event... So, decided to take a year off. 

In 2016 The OddBall Run was back! With a new logo, new spirit, and some new people to share the load with the original organizers. On the 7th of October engines reved, wheels began to roll and 2 days in late 2016 saw the begining of another Odd Ball Run! With lots of people involved, lots of fun and lots of messing around in cars for charity... All in all the best year yet.  

Take a look at the photos belwo and see for yourself how much of a laugh the OddBall run is.