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To win The Odd Ball Run, it is pretty simple. Raise the most money!  


Each team will need to set up a Just Giving account linked to free@last and this event and let us know the address. Then, the team which has raised the most money on their Just Giving account by 5pm on last day of the race, is the winner.


Entries are limited to 20 vehicles. The first 20 teams which deposit £200 in free@last’s bank account will be in.

Only when your just giving account reaches £500 donated, your team is eligible to take part.


Up for a challenge?

The challenges and speed tests en route will have their own awards so still plenty of opportunity for a bit of healthy competition.

The ‘Challenges’ will run under the rules and regulations of the Motor Sports Association and detailed regulations, will be posted soon.


Here is a little bit of further information to help you for now:

Vehicles eligible for the Speed Tests:

A Series Production Car - of which at least 2,500 identical examples are, or have been manufactured, within a twelve consecutive month period and which are equipped with a minimum of four adult size seats, an integral non-detachable roof, a minimum of two doors, one on each side of the vehicle. Most road cars meet these requirements.

If you are unsure if your vehicle meets the above, then ask us for clarification.

If the vehicle you are using for the non speed tests doesn’t meet the above requirements, then ask and borrow someone else’s.