Key to the event is the challenges, each team will be given the ‘golden envelope’ at the start of each day. This will contain a series of challenges which your team are tasked to undertake. You choose to do all, some or none of the challenges, it’s up to you.

Each challenge is awarded different amounts of points, the more you do, the more you score, simples… You may need to be imaginative to get them all ticked off!!

The challenges could be photos or video of you and your team doing an activity, collect various items, etc. We can’t tell you exactly what they all are now, but here are a few examples of some from 2016

  • Photo of you and your team in an aeroplane
  • Photo or video of your team singing a rock ballad
  • Photo of an animal in  your car
  • Photo of your car outside a pub
  • Steal another competitors car keys
  • Ride a horse
  • Get a parking ticket, get hosed down by the fire brigade

And so on

 They all need to be posted on the OddBallRun facebook page ( with your team name hashtagged, then one person, will judge these and award the appropriate points

 There will be awards for the best few teams with the most points from the challenges.

Speed Tests

These will take place at each lunch stop, so you can all laugh at each other taking it too seriously. The tests will all be in a forwards only direction, and a passenger must be carried. Whether you listen to their directions is up to you! Only mass production cars are eligible for this part of the event. More information on what is and isn’t a production car can be found in the detail rules. Or tell us what you want to use and we’ll tell you if you can, or not. If you vehicle is not eligible, then why not borrow some else’s for the speed tests? The times for all of the tests will be added up and the lowest time is the fastest, and the winner.

The Route

Day 1: Friday 8th April:

Lunch stop:

  • Near Oxford

Overnight stop:

  • Oxford, Venue TBC

DAY 2: Saturday 9th April:


  •  9am    Oxford

Lunch stop:

  • Stratford Upon Avon


  • there will be music, curry, refreshments

The Clock Is Ticking, So Hurry Up








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OK, so you’re up for the challenge, here’s the basics of what you need to do, step by step.


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